Soulful and sweet / gritty and biting - his music is a broad spectrum. Oliver Penn is a guitarist and singer who brings a refreshing fervor to the stage.

Born and raised in Providence, RI, Oliver was autonomous from the start. Teaching himself to play drums and guitar, he began listening and playing along to anything he could find. Before starting high school, he moved with his family to Houston where he was introduced to the Texas music scene, and subsequently fell in love with the blues.

After going back to Providence for college, Oliver began casually playing in bands around town. He then formed his own group, introducing his new sound to the Northeast. Oliver is now back in Houston and ready to take the scene by storm.

Oliver has a distinct sound that expresses elements of both blues-rock and funk that is sure to keep evolving. New music, merch, and performances are on the horizon.

Thursday's are for the blues

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“Friday, February 26...marked the triumphant return of the meaningful guitar Penn released an energy from [his] instrument that allowed a piece of [his] soul to touch the audience.” – Naana Om


2 Songs on WBRU's top 95.5 songs of 2016!

“…filling the room with soft and bluesy guitar that made listeners long for the southern home they never had.” - Hana Estice